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  • 6 Airports Already Investing In Airport Innovation

    Airport innovation does not just appear out of nowhere; it requires investment and support to get off the ground. This means that the services and experiences available at some airports will be ahead of the curve, while less forward-thinking travel hubs will lag behind.

    Top 10 Airport Innovations Of The Future

    The air transport industry has always been at the forefront when it comes to embracing technology. Systems which are rolled out in airports can act as indicators of the kinds of experiences which will eventually be adopted in other commercial settings.

    The Past & Future Of Electric Cars

    The future of electric cars Sales of electric vehicles jumped by 37 percent in the United Kingdom in 2016, while analysts say that globally, electric cars will make up at least half of all new-vehicle sales by 2040. Major automakers in the United States and abroad are now scrambling to keep pace with the competition and […]

    Park-IT Signs Its First North American Contract with Vancouver International Airport

    Park-IT, the leader in parking optimisation software, has signed its first North American contract with Vancouver International Airport (YVR). The contract will provide YVR with a bespoke end-to-end solution to manage their parking operation. It may only be three years old but Park-IT’s growth has been rapid and they now provide the software that powers some […]

    11 Revolutionary Smart Parking Solutions and Innovations

    The Importance Of Innovation Within Parking Are tech and smart solutions really that important? Does innovation in parking realistically offer that many opportunities? Well, the average motorist in London spends four days, or 91 hours, a year looking for a car parking space.   Across the UK there are 27 million cars that need to […]

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