Holiday Extras Supplies Parking Technology to Cardiff Airport for Enhanced Operations

Holiday Extras has entered into a major contract with Cardiff Airport to supply an array of parking technology solutions that have already improved operational efficiency, increased commercial bookings, and enhanced the customer experience.

As part of its ongoing efforts to expand its range of parking technology solutions, Holiday Extras has made strategic acquisitions and innovations over the past three years, including the launch of ParkIT and the successful acquisition of Chauntry in November 2017. During the same period, Cardiff Airport has seen a significant increase in passenger traffic and an expansion of its route network.

In July of this year, Cardiff Airport introduced its new Meet and Greet parking service, utilizing Holiday Extras’ ParkIT technology to assist with vehicle movements, block parking, vehicle inspections, and audits. Just a few months since its launch, the Meet and Greet parking service has recorded nearly 2,000 bookings and received positive customer feedback ratings.

As a result of this success, Park-It has been implemented as the operational system for all of Cardiff Airport’s parking products. In addition, the airport has adopted Chauntry Parkspace, also from Holiday Extras, to efficiently manage availability across all car parking products, and has launched a white-label website using Holiday Extras’ booking engine and technology platform, resulting in improved website performance and conversion rates.

“All of these parking technology solutions from Holiday Extras have been key to making this partnership such a success”, said Spencer Birns, Commercial Director at Cardiff Airport. “It makes sense to source all of our operational and front-end technology from a single trusted partner, and Holiday Extras stood out as the clear market leader and an expert in this field.”

Matthew Paxton, Chief Commercial Officer at Holiday Extras, commented, “Our business has spent some years building and acquiring the portfolio of technology solutions that we knew our airport partners needed to help meet their commercial, strategic, and customer objectives. We’re delighted to announce such a significant partnership with the national airport of Wales and a key gateway to the UK, that makes use of our entire portfolio, and are confident we’ll soon be announcing more.”

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