Enhancing Valet Operations with ParkIT at Adelaide Airport

Project Overview:

Adelaide Airport has teamed up with ParkIT to deliver its new valet parking service which is available to all travellers flying out of Adelaide Airport. Simply drive up to the terminal’s southern doors, hand over your keys and head straight to check-in. This collaboration focuses on leveraging ParkIT’s technology to streamline operations and ensure a great parking experience for all customers.

Project Deliverables:

  • Key and Vehicle Tracking: Providing real-time monitoring of keys and vehicles to ensure operational oversight and enhance security.
  • Vehicle Condition Capture: Detailed recording of the vehicle’s condition on arrival to amplify customer trust and help minimise claims and disputes.
  • Space Optimisation: Providing the tools to enable more efficient use of the valet parking area, maximising space and optimising storage.
  • Reduced Vehicle Movements: Decreasing unnecessary vehicle handling, reducing resource requirements and reducing operational risks.
  • Customer Insights: Providing key data points to help tailor services to meet customer needs more effectively going forward.
  • Asset Auditing: Supplying the tools to enable regular audits of the parking assets to ensure traceability and maintain service quality.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Automated alerts to keep staff informed of potential problems before they become issues. Providing calls to action to the relevant people to ensure swift resolution and continuous service flow.

Customer Impact:

Brenton Cox, Managing Director of Adelaide Airport, praised the upgraded service:

“Our new valet at Adelaide Airport will offer a premium service and excellent value for our customers. Simply pull up out the front of our southern entrance, hand your keys to the valet attendant and head upstairs for your flight.”