The App iOS & Android Application

Enterprise mobile devices have altered dramatically over the past 24 months and the Park-IT app has followed suit.

Park-IT was previously a windows mobile application developed for Honeywell Dolphins. It is now a far superior and much more intuitive app, available on iOS and android which enables hardware costs to be reduced 7 fold. The app allows access for your team on the move, with all information being synced immediately via WiFi, 3G or 4G LTE to ensure everybody has access to the same live data.


Car Inspections

The ability to inspect cars, taking time and date stamped images which are assigned to a splat car, as well as storing mileage and fuel information

Log Car Movements

Log the movement of cars, either by agreeing to the location Park-it suggests (based on parameters built into the system) or assigning a new location

Key & Car Audits

Complete audits on keys or cars to double check and cross reference the information already stored in the system

Intervention Reporting

Note down any intervention; from inflating tyres to assisting with jump starts and obtain the customers signature electronically to reduce the paper trail

Check In/Out

Check customers in our out on the move, helping the receptionists at peak times or allowing remote use of the system

Customer Issues

Log any customer issues using standardised forms to ensure all of the relevant information is obtained in a timely fashion.

Apple iPhone 6
Samsung Galaxy S5
LG G3 running Lolipop

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