Self Service Automated Technology

Self Service

Talk to us about our self service options that increase throughput whilst delivering substantial cost savings.

We have white label, full configurable solutions available from both check in and check out


Customers can navigate a simple white label GUI to confirm booking details (car, make, flights), purchase additional products and check themselves in:

  • Touch screen panel PC’s in various sizes with a simple GUI for customers to follow
  • Additional slave screens for dedicated advertisements
  • Thermal printers for customer receipts and key tags
  • Coin recyclers and note validators for cash acceptance
  • Chip & Pin card payment hardware
  • Option panels to enable the use of RFID/barcode scanner

Key Dispensing

A solution based around a central carousel, which speeds up key delivery and also queue busts by providing 2 access points for customers to utilise

  • 19" touch screen panel PC's
  • Optional portrait slave PC's for advertisments or customer directions
  • Onboard sensors to advise if customer assistance is required
  • Option panels to enable use of other technology as requested

Key Lockers

Locker design - a solution based around dual access lockers and kiosks, allowing customers to collect their keys from either side and spitting queues in 2.

  • 19" touch screen panel PC's
  • Strengthened, secure electronic doors
  • Queue busting dual sided system
  • Option panels to enable use of other technology requested