What Does The Future Hold for Parking Management Services?



The Current Need For Parking Management Services

Driving remains the most common mode of transport in the UK – and every year, the number of cars on our roads is rising. Not just roads but also town centres and car parks are becoming more congested. For councils, venues, shopping centres and airports, employing a parking management services company has become essential in coping with the increasing demand.

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What are the benefits of using a parking management company?

If customers have a negative parking experience at your location, they are less likely to come back in the future. Car parking management services can help to manage traffic flow, handle the payment process and maximise the parking space available. The end goal is to produce a stress-free parking experience that will leave a positive impression on drivers – so they keep coming back to the venue or location. So what are the key benefits of using a car parking management system?

Customers can pre-book online

Being able to book online has benefits to both the customer and the parking management company. For the car park operator, an online booking system can be a crucial tool in assessing car park capacity – and if they need to adjust traffic flow, open up additional space or lay on extra staff. Resources can be adjusted to meet demand, meaning that they are never wasted. Furthermore, pre-booking removes the need for staff to handle monetary transactions on site.

For the customer, being able to pre-book saves time on the day when they are eager to get on their flight or attend a concert. It means they have peace of mind that they will be able to get a space at the location they are attending and also informs them in advance of how much parking will cost.

Parking Management Self-Service Kiosks

A key feature of Park IT's parking management system is the use of self-service kiosks for automated check in and check out. The touch screen kiosks allow customers either to find a pre-paid booking by barcode or reference number, or pay for a new booking at the kiosk. Parking management systems give customers more control over the booking process and can considerably speed up checking in and out.

Self-service kiosks also allow parking operators an opportunity to sell added value services such as a meet and greet or valet service, all easily accessible from the booking screen.

Increase efficiency and reduce queuing

Park IT's kiosks can be accessed from both sides, effectively splitting the queue in half. With each machine able to serve two customers simultaneously, the operation is far more efficient than a manually operated system. Dual access lockers and kiosks also aid the traffic flow through the car park system, reducing queues and therefore stress for customers.


Loss or theft of keys can be a concern for car park operators. With traditional systems, human error can lead to mistakes. But with modern car parking management systems these risks can be significantly reduced with the help of technology. For example, Park IT systems use secure key lockers with strengthened electronic doors.

Employee communication

A parking management services company can help you improve communication within your team, which ultimately leads to a more efficient operation and better parking experience for your customers. Apps and mobile devices can be integrated with parking system software, allowing your team to communicate wherever they are on site. Functions include being able to upload images of vehicle condition to the cloud, sending automated alerts when a vehicle needs to be moved and sending job instructions to staff mobile devices via an app.

Parking Management oversight

For any successful business, knowing exactly what's going on in your operation is vital for efficiency and profitability. Parking management software logs all activity within your parking operation – from customer booking and check in/out to key, vehicle and staff movements. As a car park operator, this allows you to monitor peak periods, prepare for fluctuations in capacity, tackle issues before they become problematic and identify areas for improvement.

How parking management systems are improving airport parking.

Parking Management System

One of the industries where parking management services are significantly improving operations is airports. Air travel can be stressful for passengers who are anxious about getting their flight, so it is imperative that the parking process is as quick, simple and smooth as possible.

The director of Manchester Airports Group has found that "Since the initial roll out of Park-IT within our Meet & Greet Parking facilities at Manchester Airport, we have seen a significant improvement in the whole operational process from start to finish." See what more of our existing customers have to say about our parking solutions.

Want to know how Park IT's software can improve your parking operations – now and in the future? Contact the team to find out more about our parking management services. Simply, email us on Hello@Park-IT-solutions.co.uk.

The future of parking management services is integrated with technology

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Where will parking management services be in 20 years time, and how can parking operators ensure they are keeping up with trends, consumer demands and technology? We have a few thoughts about how parking management services will needs to move with the times:

How will cars be powered in the future?

tesla electric car

Electric cars started life as odd, undesirable models but in recent years electric car technology has become far more credible. With well-known brands such as Toyota and Nissan releasing successful hybrid models, as well as Tesla creating a car that uses electric power whilst retaining aesthetics and driving pleasure, the electric revolution is well and truly underway.

Tesla have also recently launched their first electric commercial vehicle. In October 2017 the government announced that all new petrol and diesel cars will be banned by 2040, so the race is on for car companies to switch to alternative power.

But how will all of this affect parking management systems? If the current models of electric car are anything to go by, powering the cars of the future could take a lot of infrastructure. Typically, electric cars take around 4 hours to recharge with a 7kw home charging point, which will then give the user about 30 miles worth of power.

Rapid charging is available commercially, eg at fuel stations, which can take as little as 30 minutes. But when you compare that to a quick fuel stop, the issues are clear. With every car needing a long amount of time to charge, the demand for chargers and car parking spaces will increase.

One solution to the problem is to enable drivers to recharge whilst parking – so that they can go about their business and come back to a fully charged vehicle

Of course, we expect technology to evolve so that charging times and mileage are improved. However, the car parks of the future will need to consider how electric chargers are incorporated into their sites.

Self-driving cars will soon be on our roads

self driving car

Earlier this year, Google announced a milestone with their self-driving car. The car has now clocked up two million miles of driving on public roads. Predictions are that the model will be available by 2020. Tesla are also pushing ahead with self-driving technology, with CEO Elon Musk claiming that the current autopilot system is at least as good as a human driver. Of course, it will need to be perfect before drivers can rely on fully automated cars – but it's well on the way.

So if cars can drive themselves, how will that impact on the future of parking management systems. For one thing, they'll be able to park a lot closer together, increasing capacity. Passengers could leave the vehicle, allowing it to park itself. Without the need for anyone to exit the car, vehicles could be parked a lot closer together.

What's more, self driving cars will rely on cameras, lasers and software to judge proximity, which will be much more effective than the human eye – once again allowing tighter parking without risk of collision.

With software integrated into the cars, could parking systems link up with vehicle technology to tell them where to park, therefore eliminating the need for parking staff?

How will we pay for parking in the future?

Over the last few years we've seen a lot of advancement in payment technology, from contactless cards to mobile payments. Since 2014 the Dartford crossing has been using ANPR cameras to help people pay without having to stop at toll booths. It will be exciting to see how these technologies could be integrated into car parks in the near future. Combining the last two points, could payment information be integrated into self-driving cars, so that the car could park and pay for itself? Now that would be clever.

However the technology develops, the key for our parking management company will be to keep abreast of new software and use it to maximise efficiency and experience in their car parks.

Parking management Company & Software That's One Step Ahead

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Park IT develop innovative car parking software to help parking operators improve both the efficiency of their car parks and the experience of their customers. As a software development company, we constantly have our finger on the pulse when it comes to new technology – and we're really excited about where the future of car parking technology could be headed.

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