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  • How Is Smart Parking Technology Influencing Parking Innovations?

    Ever since the invention of the car, people have had to find ways to park as efficiently and unobtrusively as possible. But for decades, progress in this area was effectively at a standstill. The rise of smart parking technology is finally ushering in a revolution in the way that this process is handled. But what […]

    Providing a Leading Airport Parking Management System

    Park IT is a market-leading provider of airport parking management systems that can deliver tangible benefits to operators across the UK. We offer cutting edge software, self-service kiosks and other impactful solutions that will keep customers happy and help you make savings. Here is an airport parking management article that looks at the main advantages […]

    How Augmented Reality Will Impact Airports

    Augmented Reality, or AR, blends the virtual with the actual to make real life more engaging. And its influence over a wide range of industries is growing. From repairing cars to diagnosing health issues, there is so much that Augmented reality has already achieved. But how will its impact be felt in the world of air […]

    What Makes Tesla Innovative – and What Does This Teach Us?

    At Park IT we get really excited about innovation and technology. After all, it’s at the core of what we do. Here, we take a look at a famously innovative company currently making big waves in the automotive sector: Tesla Motors. So what makes Tesla innovative, what are some facts you might not know about […]

    What Does The Future Hold for Parking Management Services?

    The Current Need For Parking Management Services Driving remains the most common mode of transport in the UK – and every year, the number of cars on our roads is rising. Not just roads but also town centres and car parks are becoming more congested. For councils, venues, shopping centres and airports, employing a parking […]