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  • 11 Revolutionary Smart Parking Solutions and Innovations

    The Importance Of Innovation Within Parking Are tech and smart solutions really that important? Does innovation in parking realistically offer that many opportunities? Well, the average motorist in London spends four days, or 91 hours, a year looking for a car parking space.   Across the UK there are 27 million cars that need to […]

    How Airports Can Embrace Virtual Reality Technology in 2020?

    Virtual Reality Technology Virtual reality (VR) has been a theoretically compelling but practically unachievable concept for decades. In the past few years, the ambitions of early virtual reality pioneers have been realised as technology finally got up to speed. The future of virtual reality technology is looking bright, with a raft of industries queuing up […]

    5 Tesla Competitors Elon Musk Should Worry About 

    Tesla is one of the world’s most innovative and disruptive automakers, embracing the eco-friendly advantages of electric cars while making them powerful, practical and desirable. But for chief exec Elon Musk, competitors have been a persistent problem. Now established manufacturers are rising to challenge his brand’s dominance of this emerging marketplace. Electric Car Industry Overview […]

    How Is Smart Parking Technology Influencing Parking Innovations?

    Ever since the invention of the car, people have had to find ways to park as efficiently and unobtrusively as possible. But for decades, progress in this area was effectively at a standstill. The rise of smart parking technology is finally ushering in a revolution in the way that this process is handled. But what […]

    Providing a Leading Airport Parking Management System

    Park IT is a market-leading provider of airport parking management systems that can deliver tangible benefits to operators across the UK. We offer cutting edge software, self-service kiosks and other impactful solutions that will keep customers happy and help you make savings. Here is an airport parking management article that looks at the main advantages […]

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