Car Trends



Parking has become infinitely easier over the years. Both capability and security have skyrocketed since the advent of mass-market, digital technology, meaning it's easier to get your car in the right position, and leave it without being terrified of mishaps.

Obviously, this is a huge deal, since vehicle ownership is a prize that most of us are very protective of! To give you an insight into recent developments and the direction of parking aids, we're running through a list of the best and brightest parking solutions:

Built-in vehicle sensors

Parking sensors are becoming more affordable with each passing year. They're vital aids for those who find parking a chore, either due to limited spatial awareness or an over-anxious mind, and they're becoming customary in the latest vehicle models.

Sensors emit a beep when a car comes within close proximity of an object. The sound speeds up the closer we are to it; hence, parallel parking and the like is a whole lot easier. Available in an electromagnetic or ultrasonic variant, those in the latest smart cars can halt a reversal when the beep hits its apex.

parking aids

Hi-def cameras

Some parking aids go one step further, with high definition cameras that provide 360-degree visibility when parking and reversing. This gives you confidence that any low-rise objects that might fall under the radar of a parking sensor are in your line of sight.

What's more, hi-def cameras in car parks reassure drivers that their vehicle is secure when leaving it on site. These cameras, live 24 hours a day, will record footage of any incidents from multiple angles, so less competent drivers cannot damage other vehicles without consequence.

self driving car

Self-parking cars

So many people are living in cramped, urban spaces that trying to find a parking slot can be a daily nightmare. We have to make the most of the openings we come across, which is where the self-parking system really pays off.

The driver, of course, still presses and releases the brake pedal. However, an on-board computer takes over the rest of the work, guiding the steering wheel to a perfect alignment between two other vehicles. Signals let us know when the process is finished, and when the 'drive' control comes back into our hands.

Automated parking software

Finally, to cap off our tour of parking aid phenomena, let's consider how car parks themselves have evolved. Automated software makes parking quicker and easier, so drivers can check-in and leave their car without having to wait for assistance. They can securely deposit their keys for safe keeping, and let the on-site professionals collect and return their car so they don't have to.

Parking aids have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, reducing the risk of accidents while saving drivers time and stress. Park IT is one of the soundest parking solutions available – see what we can do for you, bringing comfort and security to you and your client.