The Advantages of Investing in Car Parking Management Systems



Introduction to Car Parking Management Systems

Understanding your car parking management system requirements can be both difficult and complex. However, solving airport car parking problems using digital software solutions has helped reduce car park management complexities worldwide. The disruptive presence of digital car parking management systems (CPMS) has helped to create a new era in car park management.

This article will explore how Park IT Solutions new and innovative Airport Car Park Management Solutions can provide bespoke parking management systems allowing any UK parking management company to improve the car park infrastructure they provide through improved customer experience by digitisation and automation.


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Academics have long argued that urban conurbations have built-in problems around a scarcity of affordable, secure, intelligent and reliable parking solutions (Faheem et al, 2013). In an article for the Journal of Applied Research and Technology, academics argued that car parking management systems provide value-for-money in relation to the underlying costs of providing secure, smart and demand-led parking solutions. The British Parking Association also note the importance played by technology in helping to create efficiencies within airport car park business models.


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This article will explore key themes around car park management systems and how car parking management platforms, like Park IT Solutions, can provide a better return on investment, requires minimal training, provides management with desirable results whilst being easy to use and helps to improve overall security. These thematic dynamics are central within the importance of car park management services. Let us explore how Park IT Solutions can help you?

Better Return of Investment

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The single biggest factor in determining the importance of car park management, and the car parking management services provided therein, is understanding how technology can help reduce costs and provide a clear value proposition in relation to a business's return on investment strategy planning. The economics of a car parking management system cannot be overstated. Traditional parking systems, reliant on older technology, fails to provide a better return on investment.

Understanding how the economies of scale can help reduce traditional costs by implementing a new car parking management system can help reduce longer-term costs which can help car parking companies to achieve a more pragmatic return on investment in a shorter financial period.

Park IT solutions have turned an off-site airport car parking tracking system into a multi-faceted and dynamic car parking management solution. Park IT can provide boutique consultancy support services to help create a truly bespoke solution for your airport car parking needs. Our team can help you get the best return on investment by helping you to understand the car parking process and how digitisation can help free-up capital.

Management System that Requires Minimal Training

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Deploying a car park management system within an airport car parking environment requires employee consensus. Getting employee 'buy-in' is always a crucial point when introducing new technology. However, Park IT Solutions Airport systems are incredibly user friendly. They are deployable and require minimal training input from the software manufacturer or the implementation organisation. Alphabet, a parking services consultancy, outlined the importance of employee participation and low-impact training when deploying new technology within car park environs.

The purposefulness of minimal training demands helps to create an environment which allows employees, owners and customers to co-exist in a low training landscape.


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Park IT can provide solutions for a myriad of diverse car park management services. The team have nearly 100 years of combined industry experience and can create a training platform with low-impact in regard to client employee participation. Park IT have a long heritage of providing bespoke solutions for key UK airport infrastructure sites – Manchester Airport's entire parking facilities are deployed using Park-IT technology. This has allowed the entire operational process to become streamlined and thus improved from the perspective of all involved.

Desirable Results

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Park-IT Solutions have a long and proud history of providing superior on-site car parking solutions for airports across the UK – including London Stanstead, East Midlands and Manchester airports. They develop appropriate solutions based on client needs. By developing pathways that lead to desirable outcomes, the team at Park-IT understand that CPMS systems can help a range of stakeholders experience a single parking environment with ease. The determination of successful outcomes, as any client would demand, are the foundational principles of Park-IT solutions.


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Park-IT Solutions understands that all their car park clients have a single common goal – to make their customer's experience easier. Furthermore, Park-IT Solutions are more than just 'ticketing machines', they are bespoke car parking management solutions that help to car park management understand the possibilities available to them in the context of their parking estate and wider infrastructure. By making the solutions tailored to individual needs, the results become urban mobility solutions that create positive change within customers' own experiences.

Ease of Use

Creating a platform that is easy to use and comprehend is about understanding the myriad of issues that surround user experience dynamics. By choosing a CPMS provider with a proven track record of delivery and deployment, clients can experience the process of implementing a structured CPMS system without worrying about the planning, implementation and execution processes. The team at Park-IT Solutions have nearly a century of shared experience and leverage this experience in a way that gets the best out of the team, they can help by creating parking solutions that have 'ease-of-use' imprinted into the very DNA of any parking solution required.

The changing dynamics of car parking is a central tenet within the planning and evaluation of car park system development. Understanding how airport car parking will change helps imbue technological solutions with scalability – the ability to scale demand around a changing car-user experience. The rise of car-sharing, electric hybrid vehicles and the need for charging points and other changes all create planning hurdles. However, Park-IT understand that ease-of-use is relevant in all facets of car parking management – from staff, management reporting to customer experience. By understanding how this triumvirate of pressures interweave, Park-IT can create CPMS solutions that are tailored to specific needs and demands based on local pressures and issues.

Improve Security

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Security is a cornerstone of any car park management system. Park-IT understand the centrality of security and that's why it is at the very heart of the products they develop. Car theft is a massive problem in the UK. Airport parking poses another issue – long term parking. This intensifies the dynamics around car theft.

The British Parking Association have co-developed the Park Mark award scheme that is used by a quarter of UK car parks this has found that customer peace of mind is extended. However, research suggests that accreditation doesn't help customer satisfaction when leaving vehicles for long periods of time. Car park management systems can provide car park managers and owners an improved security benchmark.

Car park management platforms, like Park-IT, can help car park managers understand location dynamics and the hierarchies therein. It can help improve key holder security and monitor car distribution on-site. The digitised access systems also create an impetus towards total on-site security control. Self-service systems provides automated technology that can help increase on-site security parameters. This overarching approach to security helps to reduce the incidence of unauthorised access in relation to the physical car, keys and other on-site facilities.

Optimising Space

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By understanding the physical dynamics of car park space within a defined parking environment, managers can utilise Car parking management platforms by highlighting the frequency and volatility of usage in respect to understanding how space is utilised. This awareness can help organisations create better optimising frameworks that provide creative solutions in regard to understanding car parking space and customer demands.

Park-IT Solutions can create pathway-defined car parking management solutions that can provide the right customer experience by removing issues over uncategorised parking and other 'free space' problems by creating automated sequential systems. The team at Park-IT Solutions can use their diverse skills and experiences in helping to create a solution that understand how your unique parking space can be better utilised by future customers.

Recommendations & Further Notes

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This article has highlighted the importance of car parking management systems (CPMS) and how utilising a market leader in car park management systems, car parking management operators can improve their business model dramatically. By using a tailored solution, like Park-IT Solutions, operators can focus on a range of stakeholder issues – from strengthening their economic position by facilitating a framework for a strong return on investment, by deploying technology that requires minimal employee buy-in and training, by providing a platform that is imbued with a sense of 'ease of use' that management, staff and customers can experience, by highlighting the centrality of security and finally by developing solutions that help car park managers optimise space.

The team at Park-IT Solutions can create bespoke platforms that can help by providing a range of solutions to a world of parking problems. Why not call the team today on 0808 164 2582 to discuss your unique CPMS parking requirements with a processional consultant? Our team can make sure your parking estate has the best car parking management system available by understanding your unique needs and demands and creating a solution based on these issues.