Bus Bolt-On

Manage bus operations as part of the Park-IT app which is fully intergrated into the core system

  • Vehicle asset management
  • MOT and tax renewal alerts
  • Manage and track mechanical inspections (PMI)
  • Track passenger numbers
  • Validate customer tickets
  • Full passenger and vehicle reports
  • Manage bus routes
  • Driver management
  • Report and track vehicle defects
  • Intergration into ECU to enforce vehicle inspections

Consultancy & Bespoke Development

We have over 100 years of combined experience in the parking industry within roles that span operations, transport, project management and technical infrastructure.

The App

Enterprise mobile devices have altered dramatically over the past 24 months and the Park-IT app has followed suit. Park-IT was previously a windows mobile application developed for Honeywell Dolphins. It is now a far superior and much more intuitive app, available on iOS and Android which enables hardware costs to be reduced 7 fold.