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Park IT is a market-leading provider of airport parking management systems that can deliver tangible benefits to operators across the UK. We offer cutting edge software, self-service kiosks and other impactful solutions that will keep customers happy and help you make savings.

Here is an airport parking management article that looks at the main advantages of our systems and the features that set them head and shoulders above the competition.

What Are The Benefits Of Park IT's Airport Parking Management System?

Parking at an airport can be a challenge. Travellers are often pushed for time, and even a small hold-up when they drop off their vehicle can turn their day into a disaster. So car park operators need to be as efficient and convenient as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

With Park IT handling your airport parking management, you can outshine your rivals and grow your business.

car key drop off with airport management software

The first benefit comes in the form of our parking kiosks, which let customers drop off their keys when they arrive and collect them when they return. The kiosk can also advertise and sell other services you offer. And because it is entirely automated, it will cater to customers' needs around the clock.

The next benefit is achieved thanks to the block parking system that Park IT has developed. It means that you can park more vehicles in a given area, rather than letting space go to waste. With more capacity on offer, you can boost revenues and invest to expand your operations even further.

Finally with the full management oversight offered by our software, you can access in-depth data across a range of crucial metrics. This will help you identify and iron out issues, target incorrectly parked vehicles and get real time alerts, as well as delivering tools to review historic info at a later date.

All of this is tied up in an intuitive interface that is simple to get to grips with, so staff and customers alike will have no trouble using our software. User-friendliness is important as it helps to avoid confusion and streamline the way that your airport car park operates.

How Can Airport Management Systems Improve Parking Efficiency?

improve airport parking efficiency

Our airport parking management software is designed with precise tracking capabilities. It not only keeps tabs on the locations of vehicles, but also keys and employees.

Because you always know where everything is, there is no chance of keys being mislaid, vehicles ending up in the wrong space, or any other potential pitfalls occuring. So your entire operation will run like a well-oiled machine. And customers will not have to put up with delays or mistakes, preserving the reputation of your brand.

Tracking is handled via barcodes, which makes things very straightforward for people when they want to collect their car. Because spaces are allocated automatically, it is even simpler for customers to understand how to use the service, even if it's their first time parking with you.

The tracking features are useful when it comes to juggling capacities throughout your site. You can move cars to make room for newcomers and ensure the vehicles that are being collected in the near future are accessible, not blocked in and out of reach.

If you offer a valeting service as part of your airport parking, then being able to pinpoint a specific car via the Park IT app will save staff time. Improved efficiency goes hand in hand with enhanced productivity.

For larger sites, making more efficient use of your staff resources is essential. The tracking capabilities let you assign jobs according to employee location, while ensuring that you have adequate coverage across the car park during peak periods.

How Can Airport Management Software Improve Your Revenue?

improve your revenue with airport parking management

When it comes to airport parking revenue management, a Park IT system will be your ticket to steady, sustainable growth. And there are several areas in which it offers improvements over alternative approaches.

Our self-service kiosks can help to cut staffing costs thanks to the total automation they offer. And for businesses that do not have the resources to expand, they provide the opportunity to improve customer service quality and overall efficiency to make this a possibility.

airport meet and greet service

If you plan to upsell to customers with additional services that can raise revenues, our kiosk also come into play. You might want to market your valeting packages to new arrivals in an eye-catching, impactful format. You might have a meet and greet option for customers who want a more comprehensive airport parking experience. There are lots of ways to hit your targets with a sales-boosting campaign hosted on one of our kiosks.

A fast way to optimise airport parking revenue management is to fit more vehicles into the space that is available to you. And with the game-changing block parking method, you will be able to make the most out of every square metre of land that is at your disposal.

Managing block parking manually is tricky. But our automated software takes care of all the hard work for you. So you can deploy staff effectively and keep on top of hundreds of cars without getting overwhelmed.

All of the efficiency improvements mentioned earlier will boost your revenues. Employees that use the Park IT app are more productive. Vehicles and keys which are tracked at all times will not cause delays. Automatic kiosks that allow check-in and collection 24/7 can augment your workforce or minimise staffing costs.

Job satisfaction is important when it comes to improving the long term prospects of your organisation. And a Park IT airport management system can make life easier for employees, so they are more likely to stick with your organisation. This means you can avoid the time and money involved in regular recruitment, instead fostering loyalty amongst your staff. They will appreciate the benefits just as much as you.

Furthermore the Park IT benefits are scalable and can suit airport car parks of all sizes, whether you serve an international travel hub or a regional airport. Our slick software and cloud-powered solutions are affordable for a variety of operators.

What Are The Different Features Of Airport Parking Management?

using anpr cameras for airport parking management

One of the important features offered by Park IT's airport parking management systems is automatic numberplate recognition (ANPR) camera tech. These capture crystal clear footage and provide a full 360 degree view of each car that enters the site.

Once images are recorded by the cameras, they are sent to a cloud-based storage platform that lets you check up on specific cars on the fly. This can be useful in a number of scenarios, such as confirming the condition of a vehicle in the event of a complaint from a customer.

You can set up several checkpoints throughout your site with cameras that detect and track vehicles, so even if they are moved at some point you have a complete picture of their time with you. When it comes to resolving claims swiftly and without further ramifications, airport parking management systems from Park-IT are second to none.

Our system also encompasses a means of dealing with the issues reported by customers. Staff can log complaints via the Park IT smartphone app, with central storage of these making them easier to address.

Lessons can be learned from the issues that are logged, letting you work out where you might be going wrong and giving you the insights required to fix problems so they don't recur.

london stansted airport

Our airport parking management software is tuned towards auditability. You can review every action and input made in the system, with features designed to unlock important insights.

You will not only know the exact location of a car and its keys at all times, but also which employees have had contact with either or both. And every data point is tied down to a specific time and location. So you can trace incidents without any ambiguity or guesswork.

add digital signatures for improving airport parking management software

Another feature which will give you and your customers peace of mind is the Park IT digital contract. Customers provide a signature on arrival, which is kept safe and sound in the cloud. This acts as a confirmation that they have agreed to your terms and conditions, as well as provided employees with permission to interact with their vehicle while it is on-site.

Capabilities like this, which benefit both the business and the people that use its services, are obviously desirable. And because all of the features offered by Park IT's systems can be accessed from desktop computers as well as mobile devices, you are always in total control of how the car park is operated.

Finally there is the bus bolt on, which can be seamlessly integrated with the airport parking management software we offer. This lets you take charge of every aspect of a bus transfer service, from coordinating schedules and routes to keeping up to date with vehicle maintenance requirements and faults.

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